Pyramid Controls Incorporated v. Siemens Industrial Automation, Inc..

Gary Leydig's client, an industrial automation systems distributor for Siemens, had its distributorship abruptly terminated by the manufacturer under an "at will" distributor agreement. Unfortunately, the client's original attorney advised the client that the "at will" contract provision controlled and that no cause of action existed. More than one year later, the client consulted Mr. Leydig and learned that his distributorship could be construed as a "franchise" under the Illinois Franchise Act and that there was a sound cause of action against Siemens for wrongful termination under the Franchise Act. The Act, however, had a one year statute of limitations. In an effort to salvage the client's just claim, Mr. Leydig argued for a broad interpretation of the Act's statute of limitation. That interpretation was not adopted by the trial court or the appellate court; but in addressing the issues raised in the appeal, the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit described Gary Leydig as "a Franchise Act maven" and "one who . . . actually understands franchise law". Click here to read the opinion.