R & D Thiel, Inc. v. Hoffman Homes, et al..

This trial arose out of moneys owing to Gary Leydig's client, a carpenter contracting business, from one of the Chicago area's leading residential developers. The court entered judgment in favor of Mr. Leydig's client in the amount of $1,147,000.

To avoid paying the judgment, the developer and its owner undertook an elaborate scheme to hide and divert the company's assets and bank accounts. Unable to obtain relief from the trial judge to stop this unlawful conduct, Mr. Leydig took the matter up to the Illinois Appellate Court. The Appellate Court agreed with Mr. Leydig's arguments and ordered the trial court to enter personal judgments against the individual owner of the development company for the amounts he had caused to be hidden and diverted. Click here to read the Appellate Court's order.